Shoulder Rehabilitation Programme

The shoulder is a closely fitted joint. It is made up of the humerus/scapula (upper arm bone), tendons, and muscles that lift the arm and bursa (a fluid-filled sac that cushions to prevent friction).

The structure moves back and forth through a very tight archway of none and ligament called the coracoacromial arch. When the arm is raised, the archway becomes smaller, pinches the tendons, and makes tissue prone to inflammation.

Shoulder bursitis/tendinitis is a common overuse injury where the arm is used in an overhead motion (i.e., swimming, tennis). Shoulder pain is usually felt at the tip of the shoulder and referred down the upper arm. This may increase when the arm is lifted overhead or twisted. In extreme cases, the pain will be present all the time and it may even wake the injured individual from a deep sleep.

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