Hamstring, back, shoulders, neck, and elbow injuries.

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An EMG is a special test that is used to study how your nerves and muscles are working. It is often required if you are complaining of symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in the arms and legs.

What does EMG involve?

It is actually made up of two different tests, though you may not necessarily need to have both done:

1: Nerve conduction studies

The ability of nerves to carry electrical signals to the brain is studied.

2: EMG (electromyography) 

In this test, the electrical activity of the muscles is studied.

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Dr. Conor O’Brien is currently based at the Private Practice at Blackrock Clinic, Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry, Mater Private, and Bon Secours in Galway. He is also a Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist at the National Maternity Hospital, Tullamore General Hospital, Portiuncula Hospital, and Sligo Hospital.