Elbow Rehabilitation Programme

Elbow injury is the fourth most common injury among the sporting fraternity.

It is a condition that particularly plagues racket players and golfers. There are two major causes of elbow injury:

  1. Lateral Epicondylitis

This is frequently referred to as a Tennis Elbow and results in pain and/or inflammation on the lateral or outer aspect of the elbow.  The injury itself involves inflammation of the extensor tendon where it is inserted at the lateral epicondyle of the humerus or arm bone. This injury is usually caused by the overuse of repetitive stressing on this tendon.

  1. Medial Epicondylitis

This is frequently referred to as Golfers Elbow and is a very similar injury to a tennis elbow, except it occurs at the flexor tendon insertion at the forearm (the inside of the elbow). This tendon is attached to the muscles which flex the wrist and fingers of the forearm.

Contributing Factors

  • Poor Playing Technique, particularly a “wristy” or jerky action when playing golf or tennis.
  • Improper equipment, grip size in both golf club and tennis racket, string tension in tennis rackets, and inappropriate swing weight in the golf club.
  • Overuse, excessive unsupervised activity.
  • Weak Muscles, or muscle imbalance.
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